Myeongdong Market

Myeongdong, the shopping heaven for skincare and cosmetics is also known the Orchard Road of Seoul. The experience you get in Myeongdong is similar to the Singapore’s shopping heaven or even better. Some people even claimed that the number 1 thing your friends will ask you to buy is skincare products when you tell them that you are planning to go to Seoul for holidays. The famous skincare brands are Missha, Skinfood, Nature Republic and many others. In Myeongdong, you can buy products of these famous skincare brands at a discount from 30% up to 50% of the price that you will have to pay in Singapore. On top of that, there are also some skincare products that are exclusively available in Seoul and some of these skincare brands are also used by famous Korean actresses and models.


As these skincare shops are aplenty and found in every nook and corner of Myeongdong, it is impossible for you to miss out on any of these skincare product shops. There are just not just many of these skincare product shops but there is also a wide variety of them. There are a lot of duplication of shops and same skincare brands within Myeongdong shopping area. For example, if you see Etude House now and walk another few more steps, you will reach the other branch of Etude House just a few metres away from you.

NANTA singapore 2012 4

If you manage to take a look at the map of Myeongdong, the map will reveal to you that there are many branches of Skinfood, Nature Republic, Tony Moly and Etude House. There is also the NANTA Theatre if you are planning to catch a Cookin NANTA performance. Cookin NANTA performance is a must-see non-verbal comedy performance using traditional Korean nori music if you have the time. The story is about three different chefs trying to prepare for a wedding banquet event within a tight deadline and the manager kept disrupting their progress by asking his incompetent nephew to be part of the kitchen staffs. As the performance is almost close to completely non-verbal, there is no need for you to understand a single word in Korean. However, when they do speak, they usually speak in English. Remember to book your tickets early online to avoid the disappointment of having them sold out. There is also a promotion that you can take advantage of by getting at least 2 family members to watch the performance with you. Simply just show them your family photo as a proof because they are not strict on this and does not check on the identity card or birth certificate. The other promotion is the ticket discount when you like their Facebook page.


Do not buy your skincare products in other places around Seoul or even Korea if you plan to come to Myeongdong. The number 1 reason is because you have the privilege to enjoy free product samples when you buy skincare products at any of Missha, The Face Shop and Tony Molly shops. These shops are usually very generous with the free product samples up to the point that you will get a free facial mask the moment you enter the shops. Be warned that these shops are usually very crowded on weekends during late afternoons and early evenings so expect to experience long queues in order to buy your skincare products. One of the famous product sample promotion is the buy 50 facial masks and get 50 facial masks.

However, Myeongdown is not just filled with skincare products. There are also many other makeshift street stalls selling fashion brands, t-shirts, ties, watches, belts and shoes. There are a few shopping malls around Myeongdong area and you can find famous designer brands like Forever 21 and ZARA. Migliore, a famous shopping mall can be accessed easily via Exit 4 of Myeongdong Subway Station and it is the starting point for you to shop.

As a conclusion, do remember to ask for a tax rebate form if your shopping spree costs more than 30,000 Korean Won as you are eligible for tax refund. Simply fill up either a blue or orange form depending on which one you are given and submit it at one of the tax refund centres found in Myeongdong or at the Incheon International Airport. All skincare, beauty and cosmetic products are eligible for tax refund.