Myeongdong Food

Foods that you don’t want to miss out at Myeong-dong !

Myeongdong is not only just famous for being known as a shopping heaven for cosmetics and skincare as it is also known for its awesome variety of street food stalls. Below is a list of different types of street food that you can check out while you take a break from your shopping spree.


Korean Grilled Cuttlefish

This frozen cuttlefish is grilled freshly using an electric grill. The taste of it is chewy but it is not rubbery unlike most of the dried cuttlefish. It has an enjoyable texture and does not strain your jaw when you eat it.


Steam Egg Muffin

Steam Egg Muffin or otherwise known as GyeRan Bbang is one of the tantalizing street food to have during cold seasons in Seoul. The muffin is steaming hot, soft and moist. The egg yolk in the muffin is fully cooked and has no additional flavourings.


Spicy Rice Cake

Spicy Rice Cake, also known as Tteobokki is by far one of the most popular street food in Seoul. These rice cakes are cooked in spicy and sweet sauce and they are served in a cup or a small bowl.

Fries Coated Hot Dog Bun

This street food is essentially a stick of hot dog, French fries coated on a bread and topped with tomato ketchup. Remember to only have this when you are sure that it has just been freshly fried or else the French fries will taste greasy and soggy.

Fish Cake Soup

Fish Cake Soup, also known to locals as Eomuk Guk is another ideal street food to have during the cold or winter season. It is a stick of fish cake that comes with warm anchovy soup.

Poo Pancake

Poo Pancake, Dong Pang has just gained popularity in Seoul recently. The texture is similar to a sponge cake. The crust’s exterior is very crispy and it is available in different flavours like Vanilla Cheese, Red Bean and Chocolate.


Besides Tteobokki, Hotteok is also known as one of the most popular street food. It is freshly fried on a frying pan. Its exterior is crispy and there are a lot of different types of fillings. The most traditional one is the filling with brown sugar, chopped peanuts, honey and cinnamon. It is usually served in a paper cup.


Milky Bee Rose Ice Cream

This is a must have during the summer hot or hot seasons. The ice cream is in shaped in a form of rose. This shop is easy to locate if you come from Myeongdong metro station. Turn left at first cross-junction from exit 8 and walk straight for 3 minutes to arrive at this shop.

Rainbow Cotton Candy

This is a cotton candy laced with rainbow colours to impress people.

Deep Fried Potato Ring

This is a stick with tornado shaped potato chips. Some street stalls also put a long hot dog at the hollow center of the stick for more flavour and texture.

Fish Shape Waffle with Ice Cream

Fish Shape Waffle with Ice Cream, also known as Bungeoppang is a waffle shaped like a fish and topped with ice cream.

Grilled Octopus

This version of grilled octopus involves having the octopus leg chopped into pieces, grilled, topped with bonito flakes and sauces. It can be hard to chew.

Korean Blood Sausage

This is a street food for the more adventurous ones. It is either you will like it or hate it. Korean Blood Sausage, also known as Sundae is usually made from pig’s blood and mixed with glutinous noodles and rice. The texture is chewy and similar to a mochi.

Banana Fritter

This Korean version of banana fritters look similar to the Japanese style of croquette and topped with nuts and flakes.

Grilled Chicken Skewers

Grilled Chicken Skewers, also known as Dakkochi is the Korean version of the Japanese yakitori.

Black Spaghetti

Black Spaghetti, also known as Jajangmyeon is not only a popular dish in Korea but it is also a symbolic dish that people who are single eat with their friends during Black Day. Black Day is held after Valentines or White Day. The dish is made out of spaghetti topped with black bean paste, onions, pork and potatoes.

32 Cm Parfait Soft Ice Cream

This stall is one of the most popular ice cream stores in Myeongdong. The ice creams are 32 cm or 1 foot long and it is a sight to behold.

Smoked Duck and Veggie Roll

Smoked duck meat and vegetables are both rolled with sweet and sour radish. It is then topped with mustard.

Fire Pot Pizza Roll

This pizza is served in a cup and the popular item is the Bulgogi Pizza.

Baked Cheese

This is served on with skewered bite-size rice cake and cheese on a stick and topped with condensed milk.

Grilled Naengmyeon

This dish is similar to the Japanese yakisoba. The Naengmyeon noodles are grilled with egg, pepper, onion, cheese, and sausage and topped tomato sauce. It tastes similar to a pizza.