7 Cheap Foods in Seoul !

Are you on a tight budget and need to look for places that offer food at an affordable price range to have your meals while you are in Seoul? So, where can you find these places with delicious food in Seoul without putting a hole in your wallet? In reality, there are a few choices out there that fit into your tight budget as long as you know where to locate them. You will be able to save few thousands Korean Won by not paying tourist prices and paying like a local Korean for the same type of food. Below is the list of a few places especially in Seoul that offers delicious food and value for your money.


Hansot Doshirak

This is the best place for takeaway lunchboxes in Seoul. It is affordable, cheap and delicious. On top of that, it opens until past midnight. The price range is between 2,000 Korean Won to 10,000 Korean Won. You will also usually find ready cooked meat, rice, vegetables and ready-made salads. There are more than 50 choices of ready-made lunchboxes for you to choose from. However, having so many choices to select from may overwhelm and confuse you. The service is quick and efficient. Most of the lunchboxes only require an estimated of 5 minutes to prepare and it will be served hot from the kitchen. Instant noodles that you can cook at home and deserts are also available here.

This is clearly a staple food in Korea. While we were having our meals there, there are a few people who came in and requested for takeaways. If your budget fits their price range, this is one of the best choices to consider.



This is a franchise based restaurant that offers food at an affordable price range. The restaurant is clean and the furniture is properly arranged. The food is very delicious and it is affordable. The best thing about it is that it is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, it is important for you to know that not everything found on the menu is cheap. Certain items on the menu will not burn a hole in your wallet. There is a range of kimbab, katsu, omelettes, French fries, Chinese food, noodles and rice dishes in the menu. The menu has English translation so it is very easy for you to order them. These dishes are served in small portions and they come with a bowl of soup, kimchi, radish and boiled eggs. The restaurant is strictly self-service only so you will have to pay for dishes at the counter and carry them to your table. Personally, the most delicious dishes are the Chicken Mayonnaise and Jajangmyeon (Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles). The Chicken Mayonnaise Rice only costs 400 Korean Won and it is served with breaded deep-fried chicken, egg and topped with seaweed. Mayonnaise sauce and Katsu sauce are also provided for you to pour them over your bowl and then stir all of them up for a sumptuous and heavenly meal.



Kimgane is a franchise based restaurant that sells kimbab, noodles and rice at an affordable price. The lady in front of the restaurant makes fresh kimbab that looks like Sushi. The dishes found here are delicious and affordable. It is also strictly self-service so you will have to get your own water, cutleries and kimchi. I really love the kimchi that is served in this restaurant because it is crisp and has perfect seasoning. In addition, the service staffs are friendly and has quick and efficient service. Make sure that you do not expect a premium service in this restaurant as it is considered a casual restaurant that offers authentic Korean food at an affordable price range. The way they made kimbap in this restaurant makes it taste more delicious. Remember to order a few kimbap along with your main dish.


Charles Sutbul Gimbap

You will definitely feel as if you are the in a BBQ restaurant the moment you stepped foot into Charles Sutbul Gimbap restaurant. This is all because of the aroma smell coming from its popular dish known as Sutbul Gimbap. Gimbaps are roasted pork rolls salted in soy sauce. The reason of me recommending this restaurant is because it is not only affordable but they also provide generous portions as well. It can be a struggle to put the whole kimbap in your mouth as it is quite a big piece. It is also a popular place for younger crowds. There are a lot of choices to choose from so choose the one that fits your taste buds.


The reason why I recommended supermarket in this list of most affordable restaurants is because there are a lot of affordable food choices found here. To my surprise, I found out that supermarkets in Korean even have a dedicated section just for Sushi. There are also plenty of food samples around the supermarket available for customers to try out. These food samples include pasta, fruits, yoghurts and meat dishes. If you are the type that is concerned about how people look at you, you may try 1 or 2 samples. However, if you do not care how people perceive you, be my guest and feel free to try out all the samples available. The prices of bears are cheap too and do not forget to try out the German beers.



Bon Gouuse is a restaurant specializing in the recently popularized rice burgers known for its affordable price, delicious taste and a menu with lots of different varieties to choose from. A rice burger is essentially burger patties made out of rice with your choice of fillings between them. This is considered a quick snack for students and young adults. You can also get the instant ramyeon as a side dish. It is a franchise based restaurant so they are easy to locate. There are different branches in Hongdae area, SNU and Sincheon. The price ranges from 1,500 Korean Won to 3,500 Korean Won and there are a lot of different choices available to choose from the menu. There is a range from spicy to mild. If you want something that is easy to eat, I would recommend you to try out their Chicken Mayonaise Bap Burger.


Pizza School

Some said that the world’s most loved food is probably pizza. In Korea, locals loved pizzas as much as the rest of the world do. Hence, there are a few restaurants available to satisfy your pizza cravings. If you need a quick, efficient and affordable pizza meal, Pizza School is an ideal choice for you. The prices of pizzas start from 5,000 Korean Won up to 12,000 Korean Won depending on which pizza you choose. It is still considered cheap for a whole piece of pizza that you will be getting.